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Herbs are the backbone of my life. I use them for cooking, making teas, grinding for medicinal salves and just breathing them in as I caress their leaves. I'm always on the hunt for new herbs to grow, since every culture has is own historic herb and herbal combinations. That being said, herbs (being often perennials, or freely reseeding) can be very picky about where they grow.

This herbs seed offering is from successful varieties with that I was able to collect enough seeds for sale. If I have multiple varieties of an herb, that means that I love it and it was easy to grow.

Each seed variety is packaged in its own envelope (2.25"x 3.5") with easy to follow instructions.

The seed pack and the paper sleeve labels, are made from 100% post consumer paper. That means these seed packs are composable! I actually take the misprinted labels and feed them to my worm bins.

I package my seeds in small packets for small garden plots. Each seed packet contains enough seed to fill a 4' x 8' plot in a community garden or fill out 10 large terracotta pots.

Use the Option Tab to select your seed and the cart will keep track of your selection.

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