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Golden Wave


Coreopsis tinctoria produces showy masses of red-highlighted yellow flowers. It does well in wildflower meadows and predominates in wet years. Though considered an annual, it may bloom two to three years before dying. Amerindians used root tea for diarrhea and as an emetic. Dried tops in a tea to strengthen blood. Boiled plant to make a drink for internal pains and bleeding. -

There's some fun red variants that have spreed into my golden wave gene pool. I can't grantee a solid yellow set of seeds, but damn that red is sexy.

Seed Packs and the paper sleeve labels, are made from 100% post consumer paper. That means these seed packs are compostable! I actually take the labels that mis-printed and feed them to my worm bins. I wonder if worms can read?

Seeds are measured by weight, 0.4 g

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